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Basic php stuff Check out a collection of php articles on basic stuff that we must know when we deal with php.

Send Email in PHP using PHPMailer and Gmail Want to send emails with PHP effortlessly? You're in the right place! In this post, we'll show you how to use PHPMailer and Gmail's SMTP server to make sending emails an easy job. Posted: 30-Oct-2023 | PHP Tutorials | Views 138

How to properly validate an uploaded image file using php In this post i m going to show you how to be sure, that the uploaded file is an image. We are going to properly validate an uploaded image using php. The code that we are going to write can easily used in a live project Posted: 21-Mar-2023 | PHP Tutorials | Views 1421

How to generate a random secure password using php Hello everyone, in this tutorial we are going to see how to generate a good and strong random password using php. We are going to write two functions. The first function will return a fixed length password, and the second will return the length that we specify. Posted: 09-Nov-2022 | PHP Tutorials | Views 2539

How to send multiple checkbox values to php In this post i will explain as plain and simple i can, on how to send the values of multiple checked checkboxes to the server and fetch them with php. I have put together an example, a live demo, which you can check out. Posted: 15-Sep-2022 | PHP Tutorials | Views 1850

Get selected image type from folder with php Hey everyone, In this tutorial we are going write a small application to grab and display images from a folder based on their extensions. Check out the live demo to get an idea on what we are going to code. Posted: 23-Aug-2022 | PHP Tutorials | Views 875

How to display form errors with php In this tutorial we are going to see how to display form errors under every input field with php. We are going to have a simple validation, checking for empty fields. If a field is empty we are going to display an error message under it. If both fields have values then we are going to show a success message. Posted: 20-Aug-2022 | PHP Tutorials | Views 3961

How to get random items from an array in php In this tutorial we are going to see how to pick random items from an array. Let's say you have an array full of usernames and you want to pick a random user as a winner for your give away. Let's see how we do this. Posted: 31-Jul-2022 | PHP Tutorials | Views 211

Zip files with php by coding a real world application Zip is a popular compress format that we use very often to move files through the internet. We use zip files as attachments in our emails, we get a zip archive when we download files from a website, or we zip files so they take less space in our computer. Posted: 13-May-2022 | PHP Tutorials | Views 396

How to calculate the days between two dates in php With php we can calculate the days between two dates, and check if a 30 days account has expired or not. We are going to work with the DateTime object to do the work. Posted: 14-Apr-2022 | PHP Tutorials | Views 495

Sending dynamic HTML email using php In this article we are gonna see how to send html and css structured emails. We are gonna see how to read an entire web page and send the page using the mail function. Posted: 08-Mar-2022 | PHP Tutorials | Views 3117

How to store, update and remove data in a php session Hello everyone in this article we are gonna see how to create a products session, like the ones we use in a shopping cart. Posted: 27-Feb-2022 | PHP Tutorials | Views 961

How to upload multiple files with PHP In this post we are going to see, how easy it is to select and upload multiple files to the server with php Posted: 18-Jan-2022 | PHP Tutorials | Views 1106

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